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Nothing Matters Everything Matters (film with Tim Andrews) 

Password for film – nothingeverything


Something happened to set Tim Andrews on a different path. Formerly a lawyer, he has dedicated himself to portrait photography, which evolved into his ‘Over The Hill’ project. Deviating from photography, I pitched an idea for a short film, which he accepted and we built upon collaboratively, and I worked with Sharon Townson in post-production to bring it to life. This film offers a symbolic exploration of Tim’s identity; sharing his vulnerability, humanity, transformation and eventual liberation, part of his process of a philosophical approach to the challenges of life and living with Parkinson’s Disease. Tim expresses and in his own way liberates himself from the pressures that come with being a ‘grown up’, which cloud the connectedness with the world we felt as children. In a playful way ‘Nothing Matters Everything Matters’ asks, is there a little of the spirit of a liberated dancer in all of us?

It was a pleasure and an honour to be able to make this film with Tim.  At the time of writing, in 2017, Tim has been photographed by nearly 450 photographers.  See his full collection here.